Feichang Fresh in Beijing

I decide to write something about Feichang Fresh which means “Very Fresh” in Chinese. Formely founded by Arseny Knaifel, this german student is studying Mandarin in Beijing and with the help of his foreign friends, he created a group called Feichang Fresh for fun. They play, act, sing all in a music video. All the songs are composed, arranged, written by himself. I can say this little guy is kind of talented. How did I find him ? Well my boyfriend is one of his friends playing with him. It’s hilarious to see your man on a video though lol…

Mei Nu, Guo Lai (Shorty, Come Here)

Happy Year of the Rabbit! 兔年快乐! Chinese Classics Medley

Please change the resolution to 360p and up for the HD

After posting Mei Nu, Guo Lai MV on Youku.com, which is the equivalent of Youtube in China (Youtube is also banned over there), they gained so much attention that the MV got to be on the homepage. Right after this success, they were contacted by Youku staffs to enter a contest for their next video Happy Year of the Rabbit! 兔年快乐!, which was also featured on the main page after uploading the video with nearly 317 000 views. They won the contest and will appear on several national TV broadcasts.

That was just for fun and now they will be on TV… Congratulation !

Be careful those songs grow on you and become addicting.

5 thoughts on “Feichang Fresh in Beijing

  1. Kristie says:

    Il y a pleins de gens qui tape Feichang Fresh sur Google et qui tombe sur cet article. En SEO je suis reference 4/5e, il y a un autre blog ac plus de notoriete qui est 1er. Je voulais etre la preums !

    Enfin bref je suis quand meme surprise de voir que beaucoup de gens commence a s’y interesser…

  2. Cindy says:

    THIS MAN is an ex big ronflex! 200 kg naked!
    ca y est il a perdu 3 tours de taille il fait la star en chine!
    on aimerai bien voir ton homme faire son ”mei nu kouai lai oh oh o ho” en France nous aussi hein
    jolie article comme d’hab mm si il le mérite pas , pcq nous on est contre sa nouvelle notoriété lol

  3. Lu Yan says:

    Hi,I’m a director of TV talk show in Shanghai, my talk show named as “Talk Talk”, is broadcasting on channel CSI in Shanghai everyday.And i think FEICHANG FRESH is exactly the right guests that i want,but i have no way to connect them,so you’re their friend , i hope you can help me to connect them.And you can call me or email me any time, my phone number is 13761673853, my email is Loo0703@gmail.com,thank you.

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