Bangkokians life

I’ve been MIA but I am back on my little bloggie. Lots of changes happened to my life. I moved back to Thailand for work. I finally found what I really wanted to do, I am grateful and  fortunate enough to get a descent job, I got so many jobs offers since I arrived here, I was like why during those 2 years I didn’t get anything ? They all came at the same time. Like the HR said “your profile is very outstanding, everyone wants you to be part of their team”. Not showing off krkr. I totally feel that my tri-lingual is super useful here, I don’t need to ask people to translate like all the expats in my office :p

My new life here has been good so far, it’s like you are working on a holiday environment. You can still hangout at nights like you’re on vacay and go to the beach on weekends or even neighbors countries. From the Paris’ work routine to the delightful city of Bangkok, all I can say is you’re so much happier here. I talked to many expats, they would never go back to their countries, period.

I guess I will stick in the Land of Smiles for awhile and gain in experience. If you’re ever dropping by BKK, come say hi to me :D

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