Sonic Bang The Ultimate Music Festival Bangkok 2013

I got the opportunity to attend the first music festival in Thailand, Sonic Bang, 30 artists, 6 stages!! 2 of my favorites artists were there : Rain and Far East Movement. Actually I got the ticket one day before the concert day, because I saw this clip of Rain arriving at the Bangkok Airport and all my crazy fan attitude came back, I definitely had to find this ticket and I got it thanks to my friend Nikki!

We arrived around 3 pm at Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani to catch the first artist Far East Movement at 4 pm (yes we missed Epik High’s show). It was awesome like usual. My favorite moment was when Rocketeer played, all the fans sang along that’s what they called Movementality! FM sang their hit songs Like a G6, Live My Life, Turn up the love, Rocketeer and their new single and more for an hour.

After catching up with FM, I lost my friends lol, it was so damn crowded and the mobile phone signal was off, seriously they need to improve the signal service when there’s huge event like this. So I was walking around to find them, I catched p’Oong Mellow Motif in between and I went outside… Guess who I met? Taya Rogers! I am so happy to finally meet her in person, I’ve been following her since I was young. She is so nice and pretty.

Now that is Rain’s turn, I found my friends and we’re ready for Biiiiiii!! OMG he was so damn HOT wearing white clothes from head to toe. He looks skinnier than before (probably from the military service) but still so cute and played with the audience that I almost lost my voice. I screamed whenever he made a move to tease us lol. I cant believe I am still crazy about him like I was in high school. It was so great to see him again, I missed him. He opened the act with It’s Raining, I went insane right at the first beat haha following by I Do, people could sing this song and when we were “I Dooooo” and he replied “Love youuuu” *dying right away*. He also sang his recent songs (Hip Song and another one) which I don’t know, because I’ve been MIA from the kpop world. But I could sing along to all his old songs like How to avoid the sun, Touch ya, Fresh woman, Handshake, Love story, Love song, Bad boy, Instead of saying goodbye. He looked very happy yesterday, he said he was happy to be back in Bangkok and see us, the fans. In the end he went off stage, there was a walk way for security so he could run into the middle of the crowd and touch hands of lucky people near the barrier.

We stayed in the same hall for the next artist, Pitbull. Thai people have been waiting for this for a very long time since he postponed his concert twice. The crowd went totally crazy with all his hit songs, seriously so many hit featuring lol. So much energy, giant night club. The highlight for me was when the band played Danza Kuduro haha I love this song! It ended around 21h30. We continued to Jason Mraz. We stayed there for half an hour, during that time I only know one song, Lucky. It was really relaxing after all the mess we experienced lol.

Overall it was awesome and worth. The organization was good, thank you BEC Tero for bringing all those artists all in one festival in Thailand. I think there could be more people for this huge event, maybe next year? :)

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