Eat clean, stay fit and be sexy

I start working out several times a week for an hour at the gym. Working on my love handles (yes all my fat goes there), abs and butt.

Squats girls, I completely see the difference compared to before, I aim those parts because I don’t really need to loose weight it’s just fit and firm and have that hot body like racing girls or a model haha. I have less fat and more muscles now, but not too much because it’s too ugly. My routine is to do some exercices for half an hour an then another 30 min of cardio, and you will always feel good after sweating.

Eating is a big part of staying fit more than working out. I didn’t really know about that until my friend told me so. Living in Bangkok is a bit harder to eat clean during lunch break for example so I just bare with it and eat healthy food whenever I can. From October 5th, it’s the Vegetarian week in Thailand so most of people will eat veggies, I will try to avoid meats for at least a day. I was not really concerned about all of these before, but the high society here makes you be aware, you can find on every stars Instagram, either thai boxing, hot yoga or yoga fly, pilates, badminton. Those activities are a fashion craze for Thai ladies. I don’t know if I should include myself as a sheep but I really wanna try the thai boxing, it looks very cool.

I will also participate at the Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon on November 17th, 2013. First marathon in my life and like the slogan said : “Run for a Reason”.

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