I have so much to tell about Singapore. I stayed there for 4 days and I love Singapore so much that I want to live there now ! I know only 4 days and I am making statements already but I realized what I am missing the most in Bangkok is the pleasure to walk and wander around the city, the cleanliness and proper side walks. If only Bangkok has that, it would be so awesome, I guess it’s too late to fix it now :(

What’s so good about Singapore ? It’s the only Asian city that is Americanized where the main language is English or Singlish (English with Chinese accent) so I don’t really need to speak Mandarin or Cantonese, they actually do mix up those 3 languages it’s funny as I understand a bit. Since it’s an island the weather is so nice not congested like here, not smelly and stuffs. The lifestyle’s quality is much higher but that also means a higher cost of living, I think that’s the only inconvenient… If you earn enough for your living, it’s all good. The people there are like a melting pot of Chinese, Indian and lots of expats, I also felt that expats there are well established compared to Bangkok maybe because there is too many different range of expats here (from poor to rich).

The first two nights we stayed at Grand Park Orchard, very central and surround by lots shopping malls, the funny thing is the hotel is right above Abercrombie & Fitch so I could smell Fierce cologne all the time… Reminding me of my past work. The two last nights we stayed at the famous Marina Bay Sands, more than 3000 rooms, so don’t expect the 5 stars hotel service. It was damn crowded, line for breakfast, line to access the pool, once at the pool no space… If you want to take awesome pictures from the infinity pool, you must stay overnight and have to pay the high price which is not worth it at all but what can I say ? That picture from the Skylane Park tho !! Once in a lifetime experience !


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