Qu’est ce que le Pilates Reformer ?

Je vous l’explique a travers cette vidéo ou je fais mes cours de Pilates Reformer. J’ai commence a pratiquer cette activité en 2016 et depuis je suis devenue accro de ce sport. J’en fais au moins 2h par semaine, cela me permet de rester fit. Apparemment 1h de cours brûle environ 350-400 calories. Le Pilates Reformer travaille vraiment tous les muscles surtout du dos et abdo, et ça brûle quand on tombe sur une prof qui veut te faire souffrir lol.  Beaucoup de célébrités l’ont adopte aussi Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner…


I was thinking for quite some time to make a Travel Vlog, I’ve always thought about it but never got the chance or the courage to do it. I’ve always shared awesome pictures in awesome places around the world and if those were in a video it would be more LIT. I finally decided to film my 1st Vlog in the south of France beginning of August 2017 and to be honest it was a bit weird to hold the camera and my friends were teasing me all the time (now they see the result they liked it lol geez). I regret that I didn’t start Vlogging earlier especially with all the 5 stars hotels I’ve been… :(

I also just learn how to edit a video with… Windows Movie Maker the more I use it the more I find it with very limited features. Gotta go next level next time.